Richard Lackey- CEO & Chairman- World Food Bank

Richard Lackey

CEO & Chairman World Food Bank

Richard Lackey is the Chairman & CEO of the World Food Bank, which he founded in 2015 as a sustainable solution to hunger and food security issues across the globe. Richard is a career entrepreneur with 30 years of leadership experience in the trading and securities industry, having founded and led companies that were sold to Goldman Sachs and eTrade, serving as the managing director for five successful private funds, and authoring three books on technical analysis and market analysis.

But while Richard is a highly-regarded expert in the securities and trading industry, his core passion is resolving world hunger. Prior to his time in the trading world, Richard worked in emergency medicine and has been involved in medical relief teams in more than a dozen countries. Through this work, Richard was exposed first-hand to devastating poverty and hunger. He believed then, as he does now, that the suffering so many people experience from poverty and hunger can be prevented and alleviated through better integration of industry and political systems, especially systems that are market-driven, regenerative, and sustainable.  

“I know that we can end hunger in our world and that we can do it in a way that provides benefits throughout all levels of society,” he said. “We started the World Food Bank to fill a gap in our global food system. Up to now, governments, NGOs, and other industries have been mostly focusing hunger-alleviation efforts on stand-alone programs and products. The World Food Bank takes a systemic approach. It is sustainable because it is a for-profit and because it plugs into a larger ecosystem where every party thrives on the success of others.”