Day 1- July 21, 2022

Main Stage

Jul 21 9:30AM–10:00AM EST

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Main Stage

Jul 21 10:00AM–10:10AM EST

Opening Remarks

 Welcome remarks from summit host


Focus For Day 1:   GFI reports show a staggering 3.1 billion dollar investment in alternative protein in 2020 supporting plant-based meat, cultivated meat, and many other alternate protein sources. While innovative approaches to reduce the impact of current dietary demands on the environment is important, agricultural practices also calls for change. Are we doing enough? Are there strategies in place to drive wide consumer acceptance of some of the innovation today? The sessions for day 2 will be focused on discussing strategies to ensure that our practices, policies and innovation today support our growing population for years to come.

Speaker: Dr. Julia Olayanju 

Main Stage

Jul 21 10:15AM–10:25AM EST 

Sustainability: The Past, The Present And The Future

 Best-selling author, CEO, and podcaster Paul Shapiro will take you on a tour of how humanity has satiated its meat-tooth in the past, is doing so today, and what we need to do in order to sustainably enjoy the meat experience into the future.

Speaker: Paul Shapiro – CEO- Better Meat Co

Main Stage

Jul 21 10:30AM–11:25AM EST

Alternative Protein Innovation: Understanding & Appealing to Consumers.

Several reports highlight significant investments going into alternate protein and meat innovation products. Different companies are adopting different strategies to bring innovative products to the market place. Most of these companies are still in the R&D stages with no product on the shelves. Are consumers ready for these products? What can these innovative brands do to prepare consumers for exceptional dining experiences especially for alternative meat products? Join this highly informative panel session with leading experts, innovators and scientist.

Speakers: David Benzaquen , Dr. Maha Tahiri, Dr. Malkiel Cohen, Christina Lampert

Session Chair: David Benzaquen – CEO, Mission:Plant

Main Stage

Jul 21 11:30 AM–12:30PM EST

Leveraging Scientific Knowledge To Innovate Protein Safely & Efficiently.

Focused on cultured meat and other innovative approaches to sustainable protein solutions. The panel of experts discuss strategies to innovate safely and efficiency at scale.

Speakers: Dr. Anabelle Broadbent, Dr. Lauran Madden, Dr. Adeniyi Odugbemi,

Session Chair: Dr. Anabelle Broadbent- CEO, Verde Ops

Jul 21 12:30 -1:30 PM EST


Main Stage

Jul 21 1:30 PM–2:30PM EST

 Leveraging Controlled Environment Agriculture To Tackle Food Security Challenges In Our Communities

How do we ensure that nutrient dense produce get to consumers in a fresh state maintaining its full nutritional value? What are the different approaches to getting produce to people regardless of where they live in a timely and efficient manner? This panel will focus on conversation on how vertical farming is providing nutrition security, what is currently working and what can be improved.

Speakers: Dr. Anabelle Broadbent, Dr. Ray M. Wheeler, Nona Yehia , Dr. Gioia Massa, Dr. Susan Maclsaac

Session Chair: Dr. Anabelle Broadbent

Main Stage

Jul 21 2:30 PM–3:25PM EST

Nutrient Dense Food Production and Regenerative Practices For Sustainability 

Can we help people put nutrient dense food products on the table daily without depleting our natural resources overtime? What is currently being done that works and what can we do differently?

Speakers: Joni Kindwall-Moore, Anne Bikle, Dan Kittridge, Nova Sayers

Session Chair – Joni Kindwall-Moore – Ethnobotanist, CEO-Snacktivist Inc.

Main Stage

Jul 21 3:30 PM–4:00PM EST

Promoting Sustainability By Reducing Food Waste 


Yehuda Elram – CEO, eggXYt  (3:30 PM ET)

Angie Crone – Head of Programs – Upcycled Foods (3:45 PM ET)

Day 2 - July 22, 2022

Main Stage

Jul 22 10:00AM–10:30AM EST

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Main Stage

Jul 22 10:30AM–10:45AM EST

Opening Remarks

Welcome remarks from summit host

Focus For Day 2:  
According to reports published by Statistica, the global health wellness food market was valued at 733.1 billion US in 2020 and is projected to reach 1 trillion US dollars by 2026.
The report also showed that American consumers are driving the sales of specific nutrient dense food types with known health benefits. What does this mean for the future of food/beverage innovation? Day 1 sessions will be focused on innovation to meet consumer at the intersection of food and health.

Dr. Julia Olayanju- President, FoodNiche

Main Stage

Jul 22 10:50AM -11:50AM EST

Food Innovation In Post-COVID World: Has The Consumer Changed?

After more than 20 months of COVID-19 pandemic which impacted 530 million people globally, so much has changed. Priorities have shifted and consumer preferences may not be the same. How has the consumer food needs and preferences changed? What are strategic approaches to meet these needs? As more people prioritize health, what are strategic ways to innovate to consistently meet consumer demands? 

Speakers: Dr. Julia Olayanju -President, FoodNiche | Victor Penev – CEO, Edamam,  Alexander Gillet- CEO, HowGood | Sharon Cittone – CEO, Edible Planet Ventures | Rachel Yarcony -CEO, MyAir

Session Chair: Dr. Julia Olayanju

Main Stage

Jul 22 12:10AM -1:00AM EST


Main Stage

Jul 22 1:00PM–1:30PM EST

Food Innovation: Factors Driving Consumer Demand For Healthier and Sustainable Products.

With increased interest in functional foods, and continued research findings highlighting the health benefits of different phytochemicals found in plants. What are consumers really going for? What are some of the factors driving change in consumer demand. These questions and many more will be tackled in these panel session

Speaker: Dr. Maha Tahiri – CEO, Nutrition Sustainability Strategies, Former Director of Innovation, General Mills

Main Stage

Jul 22 1:30PM–2:00PM EST

 Investing In The Future Of Food- Perspectives On Navigating Market Changes Post COVID-19

What has changed post-COVID-19, what has changed and how are perspective shifting when it comes to investing in food? This panel conversation will dive into different factors that is changing investment dynamics and also what the future holds

Fireside chat: Sharon Cittone  and Elysabeth Alfano, CEO- VegTech Invest

Virtual Exhibition

Jul 22 2:10PM

Summit Ends